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Kerman’s Best Compost

Saturday, July 21, 2018

After years of hard work, we are excited to announce the opening of our Kerman composting system. This system utilizes in-vessel covered aerated static pile technology and is designed to handle 250 tons of food and green waste per day and will generate 4,000 tons of compost per month.

Mid Valley Disposal’s compost is now available for sale! All of our naturally produced products are the finest choice, made on our premises to assure you of great quality and performance.

Kerman’s Best Compost benefits include:

1. Mixes with existing soil to enhance plant growth

2. Helps to retain water

3. Breaks up hard clay soil

4. Slowly releases nutrients into the soil. 

We offer options for every job size and budget. To get a FREE sample & to place your order, please call us at 559-237-9425.


MVD Compost

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