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Other Web Resources

The World Wide Web contains numerous recycling resources for those that want to live a green lifestyle. We have compiled a list of sites we find particularly useful. We hope that with the help of our educational materials and these sites, that it will further your recycling and conservation knowledge and helping you as you try to go green.


Reduce Waste with Freecycle!

Reusing products is one the most effective things you can do to reduce your impact. Freecycle is an online community of folks nationwide who share unwanted products with others, diverting tons of waste from landfills. The only rule - everything has to be free. Visit their site to find a local Freecycling group in your area!


CalRecycle is the perfect website for all of your technical recycling questions and information. CalRecycle has information on upcoming state mandates as well as laws in the State of California regarding conservation. CalRecycle has information on many different types of waste such as: electronic waste, hazardous waste, etc. and how you can find a location to dispose of each within your area.


PaintCare makes paint recycling more convenient. Their main effort is to set up more places for people to take unwanted, leftover paint - usually at retail stores that also sell paint, because they have regular business hours and convenient locations. If you or your business would like more information regarding setting up a paintcare program at your place of business or look for convenient disposal options for your leftover paint, click below.

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