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Mid Valley Disposal places great focus on our recycling education program. We take every measure to ensure that it is fun and interactive for audiences of all ages, backgrounds, and needs. Our recycling education program consists of presentations put on by our expert staff for schools and classrooms, school events, booth set-up and information distribution at community events, local business waste assessments, and much more. We like our audience to leave with prizes, educational materials, and an enthusiastic attitude, ready to reduce, reuse, and recycle!

Another important part of our recycling education program is close collaboration with businesses and waste assessments that we conduct throughout the year. We work together to ensure that businesses have all available materials for their recycling program to be as successful as possible. Mid Valley Disposal strives to have a great recycling education program, because that is what makes our recycling efforts successful within the cities and counties that we proudly serve. Click here for more information regarding our recycling education program and to find out what we can do for you!

Some of the benefits of our recycling program include:

  • Assistance with implementing recycling programs
  • Free education programs for any audience
  • Presentations at community events
  • Bilingual education staff available!


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