Compliance and Regulation

Divert Waste From Landfills

Complying with State Legislation

As California pushes towards having a state that efficiently diverts waste form landfills, there are many state regulations that affect everyone.

Knowing what laws affect your home or business is the best way to making sure you can meet state compliance.

Continue reading for more information on current California solid waste legislation.

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SB 1383

SB 1383 requires California to reduce organic waste [food waste, green waste, paper products, etc.] disposal by 75% by 2025 and recover 20% of currently disposed edible food for human consumption and help feed more people affected by hunger every day.

Edible Food Recovery

AB 1826

This Assembly Bill requires businesses and schools that generate 2 or more cubic yards of solid waste to implement an organics recycling program.

AB 341

This Assembly Bill requires commercial and public entities that generate 4 cubic yards or more of solid waste per week and multi-family apartments with 5 or more units to subscribe to recycling services.

AB 827

MCR- and MORe- covered businesses must provide organics and recycling containers at front-of-house to collect waste generated from products purchased and consumed on the premises.

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